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Animal skin anatomy

The skin is the largest organ of your pet’s body, representing 12-14% of its bodyweight. It is an extremely complex structure, which will repair itself when breached, but also acts as sensory receptor, regulating body temperature, while perceiving pain and other stimuli. Being in direct contact with the pet’s living environment, its skin is also subject to disease, with a variety of causes ranging from hereditary to infectious.
NanoSanitas™ represents a holistic line of grooming products that nurture, moisturize and relieve irritated skin. Our products feature a combination of meticulously designed nanomaterials combined with carefully selected plant extracts and oils. Whether Nano-Silver or Nano-Gold, NanoSanitas™ products are designed to interact with your pet’s skin and strengthen its barrier properties, by maintaining it healthy, nourished and at its best!


Skin pH differs between breeds, the animal’s age and sex. Cutaneous pH of males is higher than females and the skin of neutered females is higher than that of their intact counterparts. An intact skin barrier plays role in the pathogenesis of several diseases. Alterations in cutaneous pH has an effect in various pathological entities. Bathing with a nonirritating shampoo and lukewarm water has been used for the improvement of skin and coat hygiene and care. The physical removal of surface allergens and microbes combined with the rehydration of the stratum corneum is beneficial for a direct soothing effect to the skinBathing a pet with a mild to the skin pH-balanced shampoo, can help you and the veterinarian to preserve your pet’s skin and coat in good health when utilized both as part of a therapeutic plan or in every day care.
Bath your pet with care

Nanotechnology in pet care

NanoSanitas™ is a PLiN trademark, debuting in a brand of nano-enhanced pet products inspired by nature. Through engineering our products down to the nanoscale, we were able to mimic nature’s ability to heal, protect and repel, using Nano-Silver as a physical shield to pathogens and Nano-Gold as a next-generation delivery mechanism.

Our nanomaterials were created with the sole purpose of promoting your pet’s health. Whether it’s skin/fur care or oral health, NanoSanitas products are dedicated to keeping your pet active and healthy.

In-house production of all nanoparticles, allows us to maintain high production standards and a rigorous quality control. This ensures that all of our products are skin-friendly & ideal for repeated use.
Theodora Karamanidou Dipl.-Cheng. PhD

The Power of Silver

Silver has been used, since antiquity, for its inherent antimicrobial properties. Scientific and clinical studies about the topical application of nanoparticles, highlight their antimicrobial and wound healing properties, underlining their ability to relieve and prevent irritations of various origins.

The excellent surface/weight ratio of silver nanoparticles enhances these bactericidal/disinfectant properties, attenuating the need for antibiotics. The action of Nano-silver is based on its small size, allowing it to invade the cellular membrane of bacteria and prevent their proliferation. Based on the size, shape and surface functionalization of the particles, they can target specific microorganisms, thus providing a selective action, increasing the efficacy and user-friendliness of the product.

Pathogens are less likely to become resistant to Nano-Silver than any other active ingredient (i.e. antibiotics or chemical biocides). We have optimized the effectiveness of our products in tailoring their adhesive properties based on application e.g. dental gels are mucoadhesive, whereas shampoos contain nanomaterials with optimized ζ-potential (surface charge) that allows them to “adhere” to your pet’s fur.

Whether rinse-off or leave-on products, the nanoparticles within our Silver-line, infused with pure extracts and oils, provide a synergetic effect that has been designed to promote your pet’s health and bring out its best.

All the products in our Silver line share these unique properties:

Aloe Vera
Chamomile extract
Calendula extract
Calendula extract
Odor inhibiting
Helps against ticks and fleas
Worry-free/natural ingredients for frequent use (free of preservatives)
Soothing aroma for a spa-like experience

The Luxury of Gold

Unique in every way, our patent-pending Gold line is bound to revolutionize grooming. We use nano-gold as a delivery mechanism found only in next-generation pharmaceuticals, to bring you a fusion of meticulously engineered nanoparticles and nature’s purest ingredients.

Our debut product is Liquid Gold Serum, which is based on hydrolyzed silk proteins and argan oil. We challenge you to spoil your pet and enhance its fur to give a cashmere touch & golden shine!

Our Liquid Gold Serum provides a unique array of advantages, among them:

Silk Proteins
Argan oil
Detangles knots and restores dry fur
Rejuvenates and moisturizes
Stimulates hair roots
Worry-free/natural ingredients for frequent use (free of preservatives)

Worry free ingredients

NanoSanitas™ epitomizes years of translational research, in a new generation of holistic pet-care products. Our award-winning grooming line is carefully engineered down to the nano-scale, free of preservatives (e.g. parabens) and designed to cater to your pet’s wellbeing.

Each one of our products’ ingredients has been exhaustively tested, as to both, its compatibility with our product’s formula and possible effects on our trusted companions. We use CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) approved raw materials combined with state-of-the-art fu


Inspired by nature

Next to mimicking nature’s efficiency through the use of nanomaterials, we also capitalize on the unique properties of selected plant extracts and oils, an overview of which is summarized below.

Silk proteins

Highly absorbent by nature, they will improve the metabolism of the epidermis, activating skin regeneration and restoring damaged hair.

Coconut oil

Potent in vitamin E, it moisturizes dry hair, adding luster, shine and softness. In preventing hair breakage, loss and dandruff, it contributes to healthy hair growth.

Aloe Vera

Packed with amino acids and vitamins that will nutriate & regenerate the skin, it provides an antiseptic barrier and promotes both skin & fur health.


Extracted from marigold flowers, it is ideal as a complementary skin treatment. Anti-inflammatory in nature, it will relieve rashes and red spots.

Argan oil

Rich in nutrients, it rejuvenates skin & fur, while preventing dryness and irritation.


This herbal antioxidant will moisturize dry skin and nurture it into an effective barrier.

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